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2022 NOVA Humanoid Autonomous mobile interactive robot service

2022 NOVA Humanoid Autonomous mobile interactive robot service

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Introducing the Nova Humanoid Service Robot: A Symphony of Form and Function

A New Dawn in Human-Robot Interaction: Meet Nova, the humanoid service robot that blends cutting-edge robotics with the aesthetics of human form. Nova is designed to bridge the gap between technology and humanity, offering a personalized touch in a multitude of service-based environments.

Elegance Engineered for Engagement: Nova's design is a testament to the harmony of aesthetics and functionality. With its sleek contours and a palette of futuristic white and cool teal, it presents an appearance that is both professional and approachable. The lifelike gestures and expressions of Nova make interactions feel natural and engaging.

Robotic Precision Meets Human Warmth: Equipped with advanced AI, Nova can perform a wide range of customer service tasks with the warmth and care characteristic of human interaction. From greeting guests with a friendly smile to providing assistance with complex queries, Nova is programmed to serve with a personal touch.

Adaptable to Your Service Needs: Whether it's navigating the bustling environment of a busy hotel lobby, offering information in a corporate setting, or providing guidance in a retail space, Nova is versatile and adaptable. Its human-like form allows for a seamless fit into social spaces where traditional robots might seem out of place.

Technology That Understands You: Nova features state-of-the-art voice and facial recognition technologies, allowing for tailored interactions that anticipate and respond to individual preferences. Its empathetic AI engine analyzes and adapts to human emotions, delivering a service experience that feels genuinely personal.

Durable, Dependable, and Designed to Delight: Built on a robust platform, Nova is designed for longevity and resilience in high-traffic service environments. Its quick-charging battery ensures it can keep up with the demands of a full day's work, always ready to assist and enchant.

A Step Forward in Service Excellence: The Nova Humanoid Service Robot is not just a tool; it's a team member ready to elevate your brand's service delivery. With Nova, expect to transform everyday interactions into memorable experiences, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Embrace the Future with Nova: With the Nova Humanoid Service Robot, step confidently into a new era of service where efficiency meets empathy, and technology complements the human touch. Welcome to the future of service with a smile.


Brand Name: Vieruodis

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

use: shopping mall

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: qingyun

Model Number: QY-04

Color: White

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