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72 languages Global Translation AI Voice Translator for Conference Hotel Service Window International Restaurant Order

72 languages Global Translation AI Voice Translator for Conference Hotel Service Window International Restaurant Order

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Certification: CE

Input Language: Spanish

Input Language: Chinese

Input Language: Arabic

Input Language: Russian

Input Language: FRENCH

Input Language: KOREAN

Input Language: Portuguese

Input Language: japanese

Input Language: Italian

Input Language: English

Type: Voice Translation

Output Language: Spanish

Output Language: Chinese

Output Language: Arabic

Output Language: Russian

Output Language: FRENCH

Output Language: KOREAN

Output Language: Portuguese

Output Language: japanese

Output Language: Italian

Output Language: English

Display Screen: Yes


Note:It requires two to use.

DOSMONO Transtone-BIZ Conference Translator Advantages:

1.DOSMONO Transtone-BIZ is a portable, AI powered instant voice translation device could help you to break down any language barriers, empowering you to communicate in full, two-way conversations using 32 languages.2.This translation device works with Wi-Fi, 4G SIM Card mobile data, or personal wifi hotspot or wired network connection, it is an independent device can work without mobile, it is not a mobile app., and it provides instant AI voice translation service, photo translation, picture translation,tour guide or management,online human interpreter service. 3.DOSMONO’s new AI translation technology combines Microsoft Azure cloud translation service, Google translation service, test 100 sentences from each translation service and select the most appropriate translation to serve the translation machine.4.One-to-one stand-alone talkback mode; One-to-many online conversation mode.5.Touch Control Window Service, Multilingual Transnational Audio Conference6.A variety of professional user scene optimization.7.Housing made of aluminum alloy material, personalized UI interactive design.8.Support multilingual multinational videoconferencing after subsequent upgrades.9.32 languages speech recognition and simultaneous translation, text translation, picture translation.10.Simultaneously translated content is displayed on the screen and automatically saved in the built-in 8G card (up to 32G card support).11.A multi-purpose machine, translation, intercom, recording, travel, business.12.Separate voice recording function, recorded text recording and direct translation for other language functions.13.Transnational intercom, support for multiple people, remote locations, cross-language intercom and direct translation.14.Powerful 6100mah rechargeable battery.15.Super big 8 inch LED touch control screen with 8MP HD camera.16.Support 4G SIM Card or WIFI or WiFi Hotspots or Wired LAN Connection.17.Support image, photo translation.18.Support background real-life translation services (on-time billing).19.Supports 100,000 automatic tours around the world, travel guides, and itinerary management.20.High-fidelity speaker, dual silicon microphone, perfect suppression of noise.

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